In GFMI’s latest article, The Federal Reserve Tools: Past and Present, I touch upon a topic that might be familiar to some, yet still a mystery to others. It seemed a timely topic, since the Fed said in March 2015:

“Economic growth moderated (some); there are improvements in the labor market (job growth, and lower unemployment); household spending is increasing some (probably from the savings on gasoline); business fixed investment is advancing; but the party crashers are the housing market which remains slow, and weaker export growth.”

Questions from and for the Fed

Will the Fed likely warrant a rate hike from zero before year-end? And exactly how smooth or bumpy will the path be in raising the federal funds rate? How will they do it? To know more about the tools they have available up their sleeves, I invite you to read the Article. You can also learn more in one of GFMI’s Economics courses, such as Macroeconomics Course, Central Banks and Their Impact on Fixed Income Prices.