Blockchain Technology – Transforming Global Financial Markets

Blockchain Technology – Transforming Global Financial Markets Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, have been under strict scrutiny by both regulators and leaders in the financial industry. We must understand, however, that blockchain technology does not equate to bitcoin or to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is only one example of a blockchain technology use case. The possible applications […]

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COVID-19, A Wake-up Call: It’s Time to Seriously Consider Cryptocurrency, If Only for Your Health

In finance parlance, we often say “Cash is King”. Cash might be a king, but it is a sick and infected king, which infects everyone who touches it, and in severe cases causes death. If only for our health, it’s time to overthrow this king and replace it with a better, healthier (literally!) and more […]

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Gfmi Tokenization

Tokenization – Why Should You Care?

There has been a lot of “buzz” about tokenization. Is it just hype? Or should you actually care? First, what is Tokenization? Simply put, in the financial context, tokenization of assets refers to the process of issuing a digital token that runs on a blockchain. This token is a digital representation of an asset – […]

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