Getting Started with Python: A Popular Tool for Finance Professionals

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Getting Started with Python: A Popular Tool for Finance Professionals
Complimentary Virtual Seminar On Thursday, May 27, 2021 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET

Financial professionals today must be able to work with increasingly large datasets. Whether you are analyzing your bank’s trade positions or working tirelessly to find exploitable anomalies in the plight for alpha, you must learn to efficiently clean up, sift through, and interpret vast amounts of data.


This is where Python comes in. Python is quickly becoming the tool of choice for working with big data. It is fairly user-friendly and, since Python is open-source, programmers have written and shared many libraries (also called modules or packages) that enable users to quickly develop sophisticated code without having to reinvent the wheel.


Python is already widely used in quantitative finance for processing and analyzing large financial datasets. Certain libraries offer machine learning algorithms, which enable predictive and real-time analytics and can be used for such tasks as automating fraud detection, analyzing consumer behavior, and algorithmic trading.


If you are a new hire, or if you work in programming, analytics, or technology for the financial markets, or if you are a member of a hedge fund team, Python is a key asset in helping you maneuver through and visualize your data.


To begin your Python adventure, join GFMI and Cara Marshall, Ph.D., in our complimentary one-hour seminar. During this session, Dr. Marshall will walk you through the sequential steps to get you started in Python. You will learn about variables and use Time Value and Future Value calculators to complete a simple exercise.

Course Objectives

Join us for this complimentary one-hour seminar and be able to:

  • Learn how to write, edit, and run Python code using Spyder, a popular editing program
  • Define variables in the code and work with variables to store and retrieve data
  • Write code to perform future value calculations based on user inputs

Program Level


Who Should Attend

Anyone who is a new hire in a financial firm, or who works in programming, analytics, or technology for the financial markets, or is a member of a hedge fund team.

Advanced Preparation

Download and install the latest version of Python. Visit for the latest version for Windows, MacOS, or Linux

CPE Credits

Participants can earn 1.0 CPE credit



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About the Instructor

Cara Marshall Image

Cara Marshall, Ph.D. is the Director of the Risk Management Graduate Program at Queens College, within the City University of New York. She has been a professor of finance and risk management at Queens College since 2004.


Dr. Marshall is also a highly regarded consultant who has trained employees at many of the world’s largest investment banks, commercial banks, and hedge funds, as well as several government agencies.


Dr. Marshall’s dual-experience background – of the markets as well as the academics – enables her to apply hands-on practical experience and in-depth knowledge to beginners as well as to more advanced students.