Portfolio Management Courses

Why Should You Take a Portfolio Management Course?Portfolio Management Courses

Portfolio managers may attempt to beat or match an index or specific liability structure. However, the process of choosing a strategy and investing within said strategy is crucial to meeting the goals of the asset manager, institutional, or individual investor. Choosing an optimal asset mix, as well as determining which is best suited given a specific risk tolerance is fundamental to the task. The portfolio manager must consider many risk factors, including market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk.

GFMI Portfolio Management Courses

With all of these things to consider, portfolio management is a process that is unique to the asset manager or institutional investor. At GFMI, we offer a full suite of portfolio management courses, including the following examples.

  • Portfolio Management Course – Capital markets have experienced unprecedented volatility in the past few years and active managers have switched between risk on and risk off trades. As the market continues to change and evolve, a thorough understanding of the basics is absolutely essential. In our hands-on Portfolio Management Course, we examine the investment process, risk and return, and the strategies that may be used to increase return. The differences between asset managers and institutional fund managers are explored throughout the course and detailed attribution analysis of a portfolio’s performance are evaluated.
    • By the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:
      • Successfully describe the terminology used in portfolio management
      • Differentiate between various investment entities, such as mutual funds and pension funds
      • Evaluate the investment process
      • Explain the tradeoff between return and risk
      • Evaluate portfolio returns
      • Apply various strategies in both fixed income and equity markets
  • Derivatives: Applications in Equity and Fixed Income Portfolio Management – In our interactive, one-day Derivatives: Applications in Equity and Fixed Income Portfolio Management course, participants will learn how various asset managers apply derivatives. Based on their objectives, portfolio managers will use derivatives to hedge, speculate, arbitrage, or increase return. Although this course will focus mainly on mutual funds, other asset managers, such as insurance companies, hedge funds, and pension funds will also be evaluated. Annual reports and prospectuses will be used to determine portfolio objectives and derivative applications in a case study format.
    • By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
      • Analyze swaps, futures, and cash to create passive index strategies
      • Demonstrate how to alter asset allocation when using different derivatives
      • Discuss foreign exchange forwards and their applications
      • Analyze credit default swaps and their applications in fixed income portfolio management
      • Evaluate portable alpha
      • Illustrate the use of equity dividend swaps

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